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Potential questions regarding new depositions:
Question: If active/inactive is not directly mentioned in the paper, what should I choose?
Answer: If not mentioned as “active” or “inactive” by the author, you can clarify it as active if DC50 < 10uM or Dmax > 30%
Question: If there are very different values (either inhibition or degradation) for the same PROTAC for different proteins targets within the same paper, what should I enter?
Answer: In that case, enter the PROTACs twice, each one with its proper target and values.
Question: If there are several Dmax values (for different concentrations), which one should I choose?
Answer: Always choose the highest Dmax value for a give PROTAC.
Question: Different papers sometimes report different IC50 values for the same ligand-protein pair. What values should I use?
Answer: As a rule of thumb, we want to stay as close as possible to what is stated (or not stated) in the papers. If the paper has reported an IC50 value, simply enter this value. If it doesn't report a value, don't enter anything.